Debt Collection
  • A condition controls under which circumstances a collector configuration is applied to a debt collection case.
  • The debt collection case represents a try to collect the money from the debtor.
  • The debt collection case source represents the origin of the case. It allows to understand from where the amount receivable is coming from.
  • The debt collection condition type controls how a condition is applied to a case.
  • The debt collection receipt source represents the origin of a particular part of the collected amount. It allows to understand from where the amount is coming from, e.g. if it was added manually or in some other way.
  • The debt collector connects to an external service to process the debt collection case and as such directs the debt collection process.
  • The debt collector configuration defines the behavior of the collection process for a particular collector.
Entity Query
  • The entity property export request contains the information required to create an export of a list of entities.
  • The entity query allows to search for specific entities by providing filters. This is similar to a SQL query.
  • The query filter allows to restrict the entities which are returned.
  • The 'order by' allows to order the returned entities.
  • An error that is returned as the result of a bad user request or a misconfiguration.
  • Localized error message.
  • This error is thrown when something unexpected happens on our side.
  • This error is thrown if an exception occurs during the processing of a websocket request.
Manual Task
  • A printer allows to automatically schedule a print job onto a physical printer.
  • A print job is a try to send a document to a printer.