Installment Payment

An installment payment represents a payment paid in multiple slices.

  • Create
    The create state is set during the creation of the installment payment.
  • Confirmed
    The installment payment is confirmed. The authorization of the initial transaction is going on.
  • Rejected
    The installment payment has been rejected by the buyer, by the processor or by the merchant.
  • Authorized
    The installment payment has been authorized by the buyer.
  • Completed
    The installment has been completed.
  • Running
    The initial installment payment was successfully carried out and the subsequent charges will be carried out as scheduled.
  • Done
    The installment payment has been fully done. All payments have been paid.
  • Defaulted
    The initial transaction has been paid and the goods have been delivered, however the buyer has defaulted one or more payments.
  • Created On
    The created on date indicates the date on which the entity was stored into the database.
  • Id
    The ID is the primary key of the entity. The ID identifies the entity uniquely.
  • Initial Transaction
  • Line Items
  • Linked Space ID
    The linked space id holds the ID of the space to which the entity belongs to.
  • Plan Configuration
  • Planned Purge Date
    The planned purge date indicates when the entity is permanently removed. When the date is null the entity is not planned to be removed.
  • State
  • Version
    The version number indicates the version of the entity. The version is incremented whenever the entity is changed.