Payment Terminal Device
  • Create
    The device is being created.
  • Preparing
    The device has been create but not registered yet.
  • Registered
    The device is registered and ready to be linked with a terminal.
  • Decommissioning
    The device is taken out of operation and cannot be used to process payments.
  • Decommissioned
    The device is decommissioned and cannot be used for any further payments.
  • Linked
    The device is linked with the terminal and can be used to process payments.
  • Unlinked
    The device is not linked with a terminal.
  • Account
  • Created On
    The date and time when the object was created.
  • ID
    A unique identifier for the object.
  • Model
  • Name
  • Serial Number
  • State
    The object's current state.
  • Version
    The version is used for optimistic locking and incremented whenever the object is updated.