Payment Contract
  • Pending
    The contract is not yet activated.
  • Active
    The contract is active.
  • Terminating
    The contract is in the process of terminating.
  • Terminated
    The contract is terminated.
  • Rejected
    The contract is rejected.
  • Account
  • Activated On
  • Contract Identifier
  • Contract Type
  • Created By
  • Created On
    The created on date indicates the date on which the entity was stored into the database.
  • External ID
    A client generated nonce which identifies the entity to be created. Subsequent creation requests with the same external ID will not create new entities but return the initially created entity instead.
  • Id
    The ID is the primary key of the entity. The ID identifies the entity uniquely.
  • Rejected On
  • Rejection Reason
  • Start Terminating On
  • State
  • Terminated By
  • Terminated On
  • Version
    The version number indicates the version of the entity. The version is incremented whenever the entity is changed.