Query Execution

Represents the execution of a query which has been submitted to Analytics.

  • Processing
    The query is being processed.
  • Processed
    The query has finished.
  • Failed
    The query has failed.
  • Canceled
    The query has been canceled.
  • Account
    The account in which the query has been executed.
  • External ID
    The External ID of the query if one had been specified; otherwise null.
  • Failure Reason
    The reason of the failure if and only if the query has failed, otherwise null.
  • Id
    The ID is the primary key of the entity. The ID identifies the entity uniquely.
  • Processing End Time
    The time at which processing of the query has finished (either successfully or by failure or by cancelation). Will be null if the query execution has not finished yet.
  • Processing Start Time
    The time at which processing of the query has started (never null).
  • Query String
    The SQL statement which has been submitted for execution.
  • Scanned Data (GB)
    The amount of data scanned while processing the query (in GB). (Note that this amount may increase over time while the query is still being processed and not finished yet.)
  • Scanned Data Limit (GB)
    The maximal amount of scanned data that this query is allowed to scan. After this limit is reached query will be canceled by the system.
  • Spaces
    The spaces in which the query has been executed. May be empty if all spaces of the specified account have been queried.
  • State
    The current state of the query execution.