1Account vs Space

Every account inside the platform is linked to a space. In the default setup we link one account to one space.

You can create additional spaces in Account > Spaces > Spaces. Click on Create Account Spaces in order to create an additional space. Space views can be created in Space > Customize > Space Views.

1.1When to use space views?

A space is the data container that stores configurations and data. However, an account can have multiple spaces. It is not possible to share data or configurations between spaces. If you want to share configurations but have some configurations (i. e. connectors or payment methods) only applied to one specific case then you should use space views.


If you have a multishop webshop that uses the same products but you have a country specific set up with different currency and different translations but the products sold are identical. In this case you should use one space and separate the different stores by space views.

1.2When to use different spaces?

In case the merchant has completely separated webshops that have a different database, then he should use two different spaces.


If you do have a webshop where you sell online products. On the other hand you have a small call center where you do sell different services. In this case it might be useful to use a space per use case.


There is a default limit on the number of spaces that are allowed. Should you reach this limit and you require more space views or spaces please get in touch with us and we check if we can increase the number of spaces or spaces views for your account.