Bank Account
  • Create
    The create state indicates that the Bank Account is in creation.
  • Active
    The active state indicates that the Bank Account is active and may be used.
  • Deleting
    The deleting state indicates that the Bank Account is in the process to be deleted.
  • Deleted
    The deleted state marks the entity for purging from the database.
  • Description
    The optional description is shown along the identifier. The intention of the description is to give an alternative name to the bank account.
  • ID
    A unique identifier for the object.
  • Identifier
    The bank account identifier is responsible to uniquely identify the bank account.
  • Linked Space ID
    The ID of the space this object belongs to.
  • Planned Purge Date
    The date and time when the object is planned to be permanently removed. If the value is empty, the object will not be removed.
  • State
    The object's current state.
  • Type
  • Version
    The version is used for optimistic locking and incremented whenever the object is updated.