Payment Connector
  • Data Collection Type
    The data collection type specifies how the payment information is collected.
  • Deprecated
    Whether the object was deprecated.
  • Deprecation Reason
    The deprecation reason describes why the object was deprecated.
  • Description
    The localized description of the object.
  • ID
    A unique identifier for the object.
  • Name
    The localized name of the object.
  • Payment Method
    The payment method that the connector supports.
  • Payment Method Brand
    The specific brand that this payment connector supports.
  • Primary Risk Taker
    The entity that bears the main risk in the event that a contracting party fails to meet its obligations.
  • Processor
    The processor that the connector belongs to.
  • Supported Currencies
    The currencies that are supported by the connector.
  • Supported Customers Presences
    The types of customer's presence that are supported by the connector.
  • Supported Features
    The features that are supported by the connector.