Bank Transaction
  • Upcoming
    The bank transaction was registered and waiting for settlement.
  • Settled
    The bank transaction was settled.
  • Adjustments
    The adjustments applied on this bank transaction.
  • Created By
    The created by indicates the user which has created the bank transaction.
  • Created On
    The date and time when the object was created.
  • Currency Bank Account
    The currency bank account which is used to handle money flow.
  • External Id
  • Flow Direction
  • ID
    A unique identifier for the object.
  • Linked Space ID
    The ID of the space this object belongs to.
  • Payment Date
    The payment date describes the date when the transaction was made.
  • Planned Purge Date
    The date and time when the object is planned to be permanently removed. If the value is empty, the object will not be removed.
  • Posting Amount
    The posting amount indicates the amount including adjustments.
  • Reference
  • Source
  • State
    The object's current state.
  • Total Adjustment Amount Including Tax
  • Type
  • Value Amount
  • Value Date
    The value date describes the date the amount is effective on the account.
  • Version
    The version is used for optimistic locking and incremented whenever the object is updated.