1Available Integrations

We offer different APIs to integrate the merchant system. Below list contains the different APIs or methods to integrate to process payments:

Name Description Machine Name
Payment Page The user enters the payment details on a page hosted by us in a secure environment. payment_page
IFrame The user enters the payment details in an IFrame hosted by us. The IFrame can be integrated into the merchants website. iframe
Lightbox The user enters the payment details in an overlay. The form for the payment details overlays the merchants website. lightbox
Mobile Web View The user enters the payment details in a web view on a mobile device. mobile_web_view
Terminal A physical terminal processes the transaction. The user taps or inserts the card into the terminal. terminal
Payment Link By opening a static URL the user starts the payment. A hosted payment page collects the payment details. payment_link
Charge Flow The payment does not require the user to be present to conduct the payment. An automated process requests the payment details from the user via a message (e.g. email) with a payment URL in it. charge_flow
Direct Card Processing The user enters the debit or credit card number directly within a form provided by the merchant. The card schemes require special security measurements from the merchant for this integration variant. direct_card_processing