Analytics Query
  • Account ID
    The ID of the account in which the query is to be executed.
  • External ID
    A client-generated nonce which uniquely identifies some action to be executed. Subsequent requests with the same external ID do not execute the action again, but return the original result.
  • Maximum Cache Age
    The maximum age (in minutes) of queries already executed that are to be taken into account. If an equivalent query is already available and not older than the specified age, its result will be returned instead of re-executing it. To force a new execution, specify a new, unique external ID and no maximum cache age.
  • Query String
    The PrestoDB/Athena SQL statement to be executed.
  • Scanned Data Limit (GB)
    The maximum amount of data that the query is allowed to scan. After the limit is reached, the query will be canceled.
  • Space IDs
    The IDs of the spaces belonging to the specified account in which the query is to be executed. Do not provide any value to query all spaces in the specified account.