Product Component
  • Component Group
    The group that the component belongs to.
  • Default Component
    Whether this is the default component in its group and preselected.
  • Description
    The localized description of the component that is displayed to the customer.
  • ID
    A unique identifier for the object.
  • Linked Space ID
    The ID of the space this object belongs to.
  • Maximum Quantity
    A maximum of the defined quantity can be selected for this component.
  • Minimum Quantity
    A minimum of the defined quantity must be selected for this component.
  • Name
    The localized name of the component that is displayed to the customer.
  • Product Component Tier
    If switching from a component with a lower tier to a component with a higher one, this is considered an upgrade and a fee may be applied.
  • Quantity Step
    The quantity step determines the interval in which the quantity can be increased.
  • Reference
    The reference is used to link components across different product versions.
  • Sort Order
    When listing components, they can be sorted by this number.
  • Tax Class
    The tax class to be applied to fees.
  • Version
    The version is used for optimistic locking and incremented whenever the object is updated.