• City
    The city, town or village.
  • Commercial Register Number
    The commercial registration number of the organization.
  • Country
    The two-letter country code (ISO 3166 format).
  • Date Of Birth
    The date of birth.
  • Dependent Locality
    The dependent locality which is a sub-division of the state.
  • Email Address
    The email address.
  • Family Name
    The family or last name.
  • Gender
    The gender.
  • Given Name
    The given or first name.
  • Legal Organization Form
    The legal form of the organization.
  • Mobile Phone Number
    The phone number of a mobile phone.
  • Organization Name
    The organization's name.
  • Phone Number
    The phone number.
  • Postcode
    The postal code, also known as ZIP, postcode, etc.
  • Sales Tax Number
    The sales tax number of the organization.
  • Salutation
    The salutation e.g. Mrs, Mr, Dr.
  • Social Security Number
    The social security number.
  • Sorting Code
    The sorting code identifying the post office where the PO Box is located.
  • State
    The name of the region, typically a state, county, province or prefecture.
  • Street
    The street or PO Box.