Payment Terminal Configuration Version
  • Pending
    The terminal configuration version has been created, but not yet scheduled for synchronization.
  • Scheduling
    The synchronization of the changes in the configuration version has been scheduled.
  • Active
    The active state indicates that the Payment Terminal Configuration Version is active and may be used.
  • Deleting
    The deleting state indicates that the Payment Terminal Configuration Version is in the process to be deleted.
  • Deleted
    The deleted state marks the entity for purging from the database.
  • Configuration
    The payment terminal configuration that the version belongs to.
  • Connector Configurations
    The payment connector configurations that are available on the payment terminal.
  • Created By
    The ID of the user the payment terminal configuration version was created by.
  • Created On
    The date and time when the object was created.
  • Default Currency
    The default currency that is used if none is set on the payment terminal itself. If it is empty, the currency is derived from the location of the terminal.
  • ID
    A unique identifier for the object.
  • Linked Space ID
    The ID of the space this object belongs to.
  • Maintenance Window Duration
    The permitted duration of the terminals maintenance window.
  • Maintenance Window Start
    The start time of the terminal's maintenance window.
  • Planned Purge Date
    The date and time when the object is planned to be permanently removed. If the value is empty, the object will not be removed.
  • State
    The object's current state.
  • Time Zone
    The time zone of the payment terminal used to determine the maintenance window.
  • Version
    The version is used for optimistic locking and incremented whenever the object is updated.
  • Version Applied Immediately
    Whether payment terminals are immediately updated to this configuration version. If not, it will be applied during the maintenance window.