1Netaxept Signup

You can create your own account by getting in touch with Nets. Go to and request a merchant account. After all information have been provided you will receive the information required to create the processor and connector configuration.

2Netaxept Configuration Documentation

Once you signed up for a merchant account with Netaxept you will receive an email that contains all the necessary information to setup your account.

2.1Use the Setup Assistant

You have the option to setup your account by using the setup assistant in your space. The setup assistant will create the necessary steps for you to accept payments. All you have to do is to fill out the required credentials when asked.

Below you find the necessary setup steps without using the setup assistant.

2.2Create Processor Configuration

In order to create the processor configuration navigate to Space > Payment > Configuration > Processors. Select Netaxcept out of the list of available processors.

2.2.1Back Office Access

In order to view the transactions in your terminal at Nets you need access to the back office which will be provided on sign up. There are two different platform for test and live transactions.

2.2.2Merchant ID and Test Token

After you signed up with Netaxcept you will be provided with a merchant id. Nets will also provide you with a token that you normally receive via a different channel (e.g. Text Message to your phone).

Enter the credentials in to the processor configuration and store them. This concludes the necessary information to process payments. There are additional settings inside the processor configuration where more information is provided in the setting description.

3Configuration of Connectors

After you successfully stored the processor configuration you can go ahead with the configuration of the payment methods and the connectors. More information about the processor concept have a look at our Payment Documentation.

4Activate Account

Now you can test the payment. Once you are ready get in touch with Nets to activate your account. You will be provided with the live credentials (Merchant ID and Token). Make sure to switch the Operation Mode to Live and enter the credentials. The live mode will make sure your payments are processed correctly and paid to your account.

You can only process live transaction if you provided your billing information.