1Connecting with Lightspeed

To use the Lightspeed integration please proceed as follows:

  1. Select the app from the Lightspeed marketplace.

  2. Click on the install button. You will now be redirected to your Lightspeed store in order to login and grant us access.

  3. After you have granted the permissions you are requested to authenticate. If you do not have yet an account please use the signup button to do so.

  4. When the installation is successful of the app you should see the Lightspeed integration with the options you are able to do.

This is all that is necessary. The payment method’s name, description, etc are now synchronized automatically to Lightspeed. Make sure that you have selected your payment processor alternatively use the setup assistant to setup your space.

2Transaction Maintenance

Please note that it is not possible to capture and refund payments from the Lightspeed admin area. All maintenance operations for refund and captures have to be done within your wallee account.

3Order Status Handling

The order status is automatically updated by Lightspeed according to the payment status of the order. The payment status is set to pending once the user is redirected to wallee. When the transaction reaches the FULFILL state the payment status of the order is set to PAID. Depending on the product the order is marked as ready to be shipped or as ready to be downloaded. When the transaction is marked as DECLINED or when the transaction is marked as VOIDED the order status is set to cancelled. This is required to prevent the buyer to get again into the payment process in these cases through their account within Lightspeed.

3.1State Graph

The diagram below shows the state machine of Lightspeed orders, including additional information for the state transitions.

Lightspeed orders - State transitions
Figure 1. State transitions for Lightspeed orders.

4Payment Method Adjustments

Lightspeed updates the displayed payment methods directly from wallee. This means any payment method configured is automatically available in Lightspeed. The names of the payment method and their icons can be configured in the payment method configuration.

Lightspeed is not updating the payment methods on each reload of the payment method selection page. As such you might need to restart the checkout process to see the updates.

5Payment Method Fees

Each payment method allows to add an additional fee. The calculation of the fee depends on the total amount with a percentage of it or the fee can be a fixed amount. There must be at least one payment method configured otherwise no fee can be assigned to it.

On the order overview page before the buyer is redirected to the payment page does not contain the fee. The actually charged total is only visible on the payment page.