• Terminal Only
    0,00 USD al mese
  • Business
    69,90 USD al mese
  • Enterprise
  • Prezzo per transazione dal vivo
  • Prezzo per transazione dal vivo
  • Questo prodotto offre pagamenti solo nelle filiali dotate di terminali.
  • Il prodotto Business è destinato a clienti di medie e grandi dimensioni, con un'ampia scelta di metodi di pagamento e commissioni di transazione imbattibili. Utilizzate questo prodotto per più di 300 transazioni.
  • The enterprise product is for large companies which have special requirements regarding support, features and volume prices.


  • Start anytime to accept payments
  • Simple and competitive pricing
  • Cancel anytime
  • Easy to setup and integrate
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Volume pricing

Do you already have a running business? The prices for acquiring are out of tbe box prices. We are open to discuss pricing if you process more than 50'000 EUR per months on request.

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  • Terminal Only
  • Basic
  • Business
Canali di vendita
  • Carte depositate
  • E-commerce
  • Ordine per posta e per telefono
  • Terminale fisico
  • Carta di credito/debito per transazione
  • PayPal per transazione


We are among the only payment platforms that offer developer support including a huge list of in-house developed shopping carts plugins. We are able to provide all services that you need out of one hand. No further 3rd party relationships and unclear responsibilities.

Simple Pricing

We charge a fixed fee for each transaction. The price is the same for all payment methods or integrated processors. There’s no additional fee for failed charges.

Important: We never charge you a percentage fee - this will be deducted from the acquirer. We will only charge you a fixed monhly fee and a transaction fee depending on the successfully authorized transactions.

More Features

Setup Service

Do you need help setting up your space? You can book the following services directly from your space:

  • Payment Processor Configuration (95 CHF / 80 EUR / 100 USD)
  • Shopping Cart Integration (75 CHF / 64 EUR / 80 USD)
  • ISR Setup and Configuration (390 CHF)
  • Custom Setup (on Request)

Still have questions / Custom Pricing

Do you want to implement microtransactions, do you have a special business model or unusually large average order values? Get in touch to discuss custom pricing.

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Over 1'000 businesses already trust in wallee from startups to large scale, publicly listed companies. See our customer stories


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