Webhooks allow to notify your application of entity state changes such as payment transactions or subscriptions. Although webhooks can be used for many purposes, they are especially important when using subscriptions, where most activity occurs asynchronously and behind the scenes.

Our concept is that we handle everything and the only thing which needs to be taken care of by you is activating, pausing and terminating the service on your end. This means you should react based up on the state changes of subscriptions. Webhooks are the most easy way to achieve that because they inform you automatically when there is a change required on your end.

First of all, have a look at our General Webhook Guide. Below you find additional information for the usage of webhooks with subscriptions.

1.1Handling Payment Failures

A payment failure can be a temporary problem — the bank declined this charge but may allow the automatic retry — or indicative of a permanent blocker, such as not having a usable payment source. This happens automatically when you use charge flows. There you can also specify how we contact the subscriber.

If you activated the Email Delivery option on the product we inform the customer also about state changes on the subscription itself. Means we write emails about terminating a subscription or suspending a subscription.

If you prefer to inform the subscriber by yourself you can react up on the corresponding state changes on the subscription.

1.2Tracking Active Subscriptions

Subscriptions require more coordination between your application and our platform than one-time payments do. In the subscription model, a customer’s continued access to your product or service is determined by the success or failure of automatic, recurring payments. Take, for example, a site where a subscription provides access to the site’s content.

You will be notified when a subscription is active, suspended or terminated. There are more states on the subscription. However the mentioned three states are the relevant to which you should react on.

  • active means that the subscription is active and the service on your end should be activated too.

  • suspended means that the subscription on your end should be paused (i.e. if you provide videos to your subscribers you should prevent them to see the movies once you receive this status in the webhook call. However you may want to allow them to login to your system because you may want to inform them that the subscription has been suspended).

  • terminated means that the subscription is no longer billed and as such the service should be permanently stopped. For example this is the trigger to close the account in your system.