In order to start processing payments via OPP you will first have to to get a merchant account. In order to get the account and contract contact your payment service provider for further information.

Once you are in possession of the login and configuration information you can start with the configuration of the processor as explained below.

2OPP Configuration Documentation

Once you signed up for a merchant account with your payment service provider you will receive an email that contains all the necessary information for the configuration of the OPP processor.

2.1Create Processor Configuration

First of all the OPP processor has to be configured. In order to do this navigate to Space > Payment > Configuration > Processors . Click on the create processor configuration and type OPP into the field to select the processor to start the configuration.

2.1.1Operation Mode

The operation mode lets you choose between the test and the live mode. In the test mode you are able to test the integration without doing live transactions. As soon as you finished your tests you can switch into the live mode. Enter your credentials for the live mode and you can start processing transactions.

You can only process live transactions in case you have a live account.

2.1.2Basic Credentials

Once you received the email from OPP with your credentials you can start to configure the account. You will need the following credentials:

  • Entity ID

  • User ID

  • User Password

Make sure you configure this settings for the test and live mode.

2.2Configuration of Connectors

After you successfully stored the processor configuration you can go ahead with the configuration of the payment methods and the connectors. More information about the processor concept have a look at our Payment Documentation.

2.2.1Operation Mode (External / Internal Testing)

Inside the connector you are able to set additional settings. You have the option between the external and internal testing. If you select the external testing your request will be sent to the acquirer or processing system of the third party whereas the internal testing will trigger the internal simulation mode without sending actual transactions to the processors.

This setting only has an effect in case the operation mode in the processor is set to test.

2.2.2Overwrite the Entity ID

Beside the selection of the operation mode you have the option to overwrite the Entity ID that you set in the processor configuration.