In order to start processing payments via AIB Merchant Services (Authipay) you will first have to to get a merchant account. In order to get the account and contract contact AIB Merchant Services (Authipay) for further information.

Once you are in possession of the account information you can continue with the configuration of the processor.


Once you signed up for a merchant account with AIB Merchant Services (Authipay) you will receive an email that contains all the necessary information for the configuration of the AIB Merchant Services (Authipay)Processor.

2.1Create Processor Configuration

First of all the AIB Merchant Services (Authipay) processor has to be configured. In order to do this navigate to Space > Payment > Configuration > Processors . Click on the create processor configuration and type AIB Merchant Services (Authipay) into the field to select the processor to start the configuration.

2.2Operation Mode

The operation mode lets you choose between the test and the live mode. In the test mode you have the option to test with a general test account that is provided by AIB Merchant Services (Authipay). Generally, this is sufficient. But in case you want to do separate tests with your own test account you have to contact AIB Merchant Services (Authipay) in order to get your personal test account. In this case switch the slider to Merchant Account to enter your personal test account details.

2.3Configure the Credentials

2.3.1Basic Credentials

Once you received the email you can start to configure the account. The Live Store ID, the Shared Secret the API User ID and the User Password are all part of the email that you received from AIB Merchant Services (Authipay). Just copy the values from the email into the fields inside the processor configuration.

2.3.2Client Certificate and Password

For the transaction management you also need to setup the client certificate and the client certificate password. The client certificate password is also part of the initial email. Copy the value inside the configuration.

The client certificate itself is attached to the initial email. Open the TechnicalCertificate .zip file and extract it on your computer. You should now find a file that is named after your StoreID and has a .ks file type (keystore). This file has to be uploaded using the upload field in the processor configuration.

2.4Setup Moto Account

In case you want to accept mail and telephone order (MOTO) you have to also setup the account for this. There is the option to use the configured standard account also for MOTO. If you want to do this, just check with AIB Merchant Services (Authipay)if your account is correctly setup for this.

You do also have the option to use a dedicated account for MOTO transactions. In order to do this. Switch the slider to separate account. Now additional configuration options should appear. The configuration of the separate MOTO account is absolutely identical to the steps we you did above just with other values.

2.5Create a Payment Method

If you have not already you have to create a payment method for all the payment types that you want to accept via AIB Merchant Services (Authipay). In order to do this navigate to Space > Configuration > Processor > Payment Methods.

2.6Create a AIB Merchant Services (Authipay) Connector

Last but not least you have to link the payment method with the processor configuration to a connector configuration. In order to do this navigate to Space > Configuration > Processor > Connector and create a new Connector Configuration.

For more information about the processor concept and how this work have a look at our Payment Documentation.

3Important Testing Information

3.1Make sure to send a .00 Amount

Note that for testing your AIB Merchant Services (Authipay) Integration you will have to make sure that the amount you send for testing the connector is rounded to an full amount without cents. So make sure you send for example 600 EUR and not 600.45 EUR. Otherwise your transactions will always be rejected.