1Concardis PayEngine Signup

In order to get started you can create your test account for Concardis online by filling out the Signup Form.

Once this has been completed you will receive the contract offer and the credentials for your live account.

2Concardis PayEngine V3 Configuration Documentation

Once you completed the Signup you will receive a Merchant ID and an API Key. This data is needed for the configuration of the live mode of the processor.

PayEngine v3 references the product Payengine

In order to configure the processor you have two options to set it up. They are described below:

2.1Use the Setup Assistant

You have the option to setup your account by using the setup assistant in your space. The setup assistant will create the necessary steps for you to accept payments. By default the PayEngine Processor will be setup in test mode where you have the option to use our pre-defined credentials for testing.

Once you have received the Merchant ID and an API Key you can switch into production. in order to download all your profile information. The Merchant ID can be found in the back office of Concardis under My Account > Merchant ID. The API Key is found below under My Account > Private Key.

Below you find the necessary setup steps without using the setup assistant. All you will need to provide here is the MerchantID once you received it and you are ready for the production mode.

2.2Create A Processor Configuration

In case you do not want to use the Setup Assistant proceed as follows. In order to configure the PayEngine V3 processor navigate to Space > Payment > Configuration > Processors. Type PayEngine V3 into the list and start to configure the processor.

2.2.1Operation Mode

The operation mode lets you choose between the test and the production mode mode. In the test mode you are able to test the integration without doing live transactions. We pre-populated a standard test account, however you can also use your credentials here. As soon as you finished your tests you can switch into the production mode.

You can only process live transactions in case you have a live account.

2.2.2Configure Live Credentials

In case you are ready for live processing. Switch the Operation Mode to Production and type the Merchant ID and an API Key you received into the field.

The Merchant ID can be found in the back office of Concardis under My Account > Merchant ID. The API Key is found below under My Account > Private Key.

2.3Configure Payment Method and Connector

Once you stored the processor configuration you can directly select the connector that you want to configure. Select the different payment connectors and the system will automatically create the payment methods and the corresponding connector configuration. If you want to go back onto this configuration wizzard just open the processor and click on configure connectors on the top right corner.

More information about the processor concept have a look at our payment documentation.