In order to start processing payments via Ingenico (Ingenico ePayments DirectLink) you will first have to to get a merchant account. This will then get you a PSPID and password.

The Ingenico (Ingenico ePayments DirectLink) Direct Link Processor is needed if you do not want your client to be redirected to the payment pages of Ingenico (Ingenico ePayments DirectLink). In case you do have the option DirectLink activated in your merchant account you can process most of the payment methods Onsite. This allows you to style the payment page fully inside the application and it also gives you the option to use the fraud settings in the application.

Furthermore, DirectLink is also needed if you want to do the transaction management operations directly inside the application. In case you have the options DirectLink(maintenance) active in your PSPID you can refund, capture (complete) directly inside the application.


In the following documentation you find an overview of the configuration of the Ingenico (Ingenico ePayments DirectLink) processor. Follow the guide step by step to set-up your account. In case a setting is not explicitly mentioned leave it as it is it has no effect on the configuration.

2.1Set up the processor in the application

2.1.1General Settings

First of all you have to create a processor configuration in the application. Go to Space > Payment > Configuration > Processor to create a new processor. In case the Ingenico (Ingenico ePayments DirectLink) is not visible in the list start to type the name and it should appear. Click on continue to start the configuration.

As next you have to set a PSPID a Has Algorithm and a SHA-IN and SHA-OUT passphrase. We recommend to use different SHA-IN and SHA-OUT Phrase and use SHA-512 as hash algorithm.

2.1.2Create an API User

In order to use the Ingenico (Ingenico ePayments DirectLink) DirectLink processor you have to create am API User ID and a User Password in the backend of Ingenico (Ingenico ePayments DirectLink).

Navigate to Configuration > Users and click to new user in order to create an API user. In this screen you can create an USERID, username etc.

For the profile we recommend to select the profile Admin without user management.

Make sure that you tick the box Special user for API (no access to admin.). In case this box is not visible you have to contact Ingenico (Ingenico ePayments DirectLink) and make sure that the DirectLink option is active on your account.

Data Origin
Figure 1. Create an API User

2.2Configure the Ingenico (Ingenico ePayments DirectLink) Processor

Now navigate to the backend Ingenico (Ingenico ePayments DirectLink). Login with your PSPID and password and navigate to Configuration > Technical Information.

The next section carry the name of the configuration tabs and tell you for each configuration tab what needs to be set.

2.2.1TAB: Your technical Settings

This tab can be ignored. It is just an overview of your settings.

2.2.2TAB: Global transaction parameter

The global transaction parameter settings are global settings for your payment processing. Normally nothing has to be changed here. Have a look at the screenshot below that shows the standard settings.

Once setting is crucial to make sure that the integration is working properly: The operation mode has to be set to Authorization.

Global Transaction Parameter
Figure 2. Settings Global Transaction Parameter

2.2.3TAB: Global Security Parameter

In this tab you set the has algorithm and the encoding. Make sue that you set the hash algorithm identically (we recommend to set it to SHA-512) to your processor settings and the encoding to UTF-8.

2.2.4TAB: Payment Page

Please leave everything empty.

Global Transaction Parameter
Figure 3. Settings Payment Page

2.2.5TAB: Data and origin verification

This tab sets the security for the invocation of the payment page of Ingenico (Ingenico ePayments DirectLink). Also here you have to make sure that you set the SHA-IN pass phrase identical to your processor settings in the application.

Data Origin
Figure 4. Data and origin verification for Ingenico (Ingenico ePayments DirectLink) e-Commerce & Alias Gateway.

Make sure that you set in the next setting Checks for DirectLink and Batch (Automatic) the same SHA-IN Signature as in the application and make sure that there is no IP address inserted in the field above.

Data Origin
Figure 5. Checks for DirectLink and Batch (Automatic)

2.2.6TAB: Transaction Feedback

This tab contains the settings for the transaction feedback of successful or failed transactions to the platform:

  • Leave the HTTP redirection in the browser URLs field empty.

  • Make sure you tick the Setting I would like to receive transaction feedback parameters on the redirection URLs.

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Figure 6. HTTP redirection setting sin the browser. Make sure to tick the boxes.

For the direct HTTP server-to-server request set the setting to Always online (immediately after the payment to allow customization of the response seen by the customer). of in case this setting is not available set it to Online but switch to a deferred request when the online requests fail.

In the Field URL of the merchant post-payment page you enter the following URL:
Data Origin
Figure 7. HTTP server-to-server request settings. It can be that the fields shown here slightly differ from your account.

The dynamic e-commerce parameters can all be moved to the selected side. And make sure that you set the SHA-OUT signature exactly as in the application.

For the HTTP request for status changes select the option For each offline status change (payment, cancellation, etc.). and enter in the input field below the following URL:

Make also sure that in the Dynamic parameters for Directlink all parameters are moved from Available to selected.

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Figure 8. Dynamic Parameters for direct link.

2.2.7TAB: Transaction e-mails

In case you want to receive an e-mail for the processed transaction you can set here your e-mail address and you will be notified whenever you receive an payment.

2.2.8TAB: Test info

In this tab you can set the test strategy and you see the test payment details for the payment methods in your account.

3Configure the Payment Method and Connector

Once everything is configured in the backend of Ingenico (Ingenico ePayments DirectLink) you can continue to create the payment methods (if you haven’t already done that) in Space > Payment > Configuration > Payment Method.

After the payment method have been created you can connect the processor configuration and payment method in the connector configuration Space > Payment > Configuration > Connector.