1VersaCommerce Integration

The integration with VersaCommerce allows to process payments initiated by the shopping cart VersaCommerce.


To connect VersaCommerce you have to create a VersaCommerce Integration under VersaCommerce > Integration > Add Integration. The generated credentials have to be entered under the gateway in VersaCommerce.


The integration with VersaCommerce has some limitations which may affect your work with the integration.


VersaCommerce does not allow to apply taxes on shipping costs and on discounts. As such shipping costs and discounts will not contain taxes. You may need to check with your payment processor if this is an issue.

3.2Payment Method Preselection

There is currently no way to setup payment method selection within VersaCommerce. This means the buyer has to select the payment method on our payment page.

3.3Refunds and Completions

Refunds and transaction completions need to be issued through our user interface or API. There is currently no way that those operations can be issued from within the backend of VersaCommerce. To avoid one of the operations you may consider complete the payments directly you can setup this in the payment connector. By default we complete the transaction automatically.

If you are using some external system to manage your orders you may consider using our API to issue those operations.

3.4One Click Payments

VersaCommerce does not provide us with the customer ID and as such One Click Payments will not work. One Click Payments allow the buyer to store the payment details to use them when returning.