1CCV Shop Integration

CCV Shop is the hosted shopping cart Solution of CCV. It enables you to easily scale your business with your needs. The CCV Shop Integration enables you to process payments with the payment processor of your choice that is integrated inside the application.

The following manual will guide you through the setup process step by step.

2Activate the CCV Shop Feature

In order to use the CCV Shop you have to activate the CCV Shop feature first in your space. In order to do this navigate to Space > Feature and activate the CCV Shop Feature there. In case the CCV Shop Feature is not visible make sure that it is included in your product. Otherwise please change your subscription first in your Account > Billing.

3Install the app inside the CCV Shop

In order to use the app login to the backend of your CCV Shop and navigate into the App Store. There you will find under payment methods the menu wallee.

CCV Shop Integration
Figure 1. CCV Shop Installation.

Click on install to install the app. After the installation a Pop-Up Window will open that takes you directly to your space where you configure your CCV Shop Integration. Here you are able to set a name and define additional settings. Make sure you store the settings and click on install again.

CCV Shop Integration
Figure 2. CCV Shop Integration Setup. Set Name and Checkout Language for your Store.

4Configure Payment Methods

After the app has been installed successfully the payment methods will be synchronized automatically (including name, logo, etc.) with your CCV Store. The payment methods will now be visible in your store. You can deactivate the payment methods and set payment fees under Settings > Ordering process & stock > Payment Methods.

CCV Shop Integration
Figure 3. CCV Shop payment methods.
In case you do not see the payment methods inside your store. Check first if you configured them inside your space. Once you created them inside the space they will be synchronized automatically.

5Order Management

5.1Refund and Capture

In order to capture or refund payments you will have to login to the application (recommended) or to your payment service provider to perform refunds, captures or cancels.

5.2Order Status

The order status for the different orders can be changed in the application under Space > CCV Shop. Open your Integration to change the pre-defined order status there.

CCV Shop Integration
Figure 4. CCV Shop order status.

6Limitations / Known Issues

Please note that CCV Shop calculates the taxes wrongly when the feature advanced shipping is used. We calculate the correct tax amount. However it is different as what CCV Shop is showing in the order.

Further the calculation of the taxes when multiple products with different tax rates are part of the order the tax calculation does correspond to the rules in most jurisdictions. We have adapted the taxes as calculated by CCV Shop. Means the invoice produced by us is not fully compliant with the merchant’s jurisdiction. However it shows the same tax amount as the shop does. We recommend to avoid having multiple tax rates within a single store.