Google Cloud Print is a new technology that connects a physical printers to the web. This allows you to print documents on your printer everywhere by using your smart phone or our application to automatically print documents. Google Cloud Print provides essentially a web service interface to a locally installed printer. This web service interface can be connected with our application.

In order to use Google Cloud Print you will have to use either

  • a Cloud Print Ready Printer

  • or you have to setup a connection via a computer connected to the printer. There are different ways to setup this local computer. The fastest way is to use the Chrome browser. Chrome is already integrated with Google Cloud Print. If your are looking for a more reliable way to print you may want to take a look on the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) integration for Google Cloud Print.

More Information about the product and product specific help can be found on the Product Page of Google Cloud Print.

2Creating A Google Cloud Printer

In order to add a printer configuration make sure that you first connect your Google Account with our application. This can be done under Space > Google Accounts.

You can create a Google Cloud Printer configuration under Space > Printers. From the list select Google Cloud Printer as printing service. If your Google Account is linked correctly to the application you see a list of associated printers to your Google Account in the menu Associated Google Printer. Create a new configuration for all the printers that you want to use.

If you want to print some documents from different trays we suggest to create a different printer configuration on your computer and specify the default trays for the configurations differently.

3Manage Cloud Printer

Once you granted access to your Google Account you can view the connected printers through the Management Page

For the management of your Cloud Print Ready Printer please visit the page of Google Cloud Print for setup instructions.

3.1Add Printers Through Chrome Browser

To add printers to Google Cloud Print you will have to follow these steps:

  • Open the settings page of your Chrome browser.

  • Click on extended settings to view the Google Print Settings.

  • In the section Classic Printer click on Add Printers. You will now be presented with a list of printers that you can add to your Google account.

The printers should now be connected to Google Cloud Print and you should see them in the printer configurations in the select box Associated Google Printer.

3.2View Connected Printer

To view and manage the connected printer open the Management Page. On this page you can rename, share, modify and delete printers.

3.3View Print Jobs In Google Cloud Print

To view and manage print jobs open the Management Page. Select the printer you want to see the print jobs from and click on Show Print Jobs.

All the print job generated by the applications including additional information are also visible under Space > Printers > Print Jobs.

3.4Print into Google Drive

You can use Google Cloud Printer also to save and archive documents. In this case select in the printer configuration in the menu Associated Google Printer the printer Google Drive. In this case we store the document inside your Google drive folder. You can use this for example to archive documents securely.

3.5Use the Printer

As soon as you have stored the printer configuration you can now select the printer configuration for the different use cases in the different contexts. For more information about look for the Print documentation in the other contexts like payment etc.