1Pingen Classic Printing and Mailing

The following documentation introduces you to the printing service that can be used for various cases inside the platform. Pingen Classic lets you print any document inside the platform and send it to your customer. As such pingen classic integrates into the platform as printing services. Before you start with the configuration make sure that you are familiar with the printer concept by reading the Print Documentation first.

1.1Sign up for Pingen Classic

In order to start using the pingen classic printing service, make sure that you sign up for an account at pingen first by using the Sign Up Link.

1.2Create and Configure a Pingen Classic Printer

Once you signed up for pingen classic we can start to create a pingen classic printer. Go to Space > Printers to add e new printer and select the pingen classic printer. This will bring you to the setup screen of the pingen classic printer. Follow the instructions here and configure the printer according to your needs.

The access credentials (API Token) can be found in your pingen classic login. For this navigate inside your pingen classic account to Users > Selct your user > Click on *Show API token*. This will display the API token that can be copied and pased into your configuration.

Figure 1. Copy the pingen classic API token to the application.

1.3Print with Pingen Classic

Once you created the printer you can assign the printer to different connectors or dunning levels.

You can for example create a pingen classic printer and use it for reminders that are in a certain dunning level and that should be sent as registered mail or via post. More information can be read under the Print Documentation and the Dunning Documentation.

1.4Verify Your Documents

An overview about the printed documents can be viewed under Space > Printers > Print Job. Here you see the status of all documents. It can happen that there are issues with your documents because they do not fulfill the requirements to be sent and processed by pingen. In case the status of the print job does not switch into the Successful state you have to investigate what needs to be changed on your document in order to be printed.

To do this login to your pingen classic backend and navigate to Documents. Here you see an overview of the printed documents. In the column valid for you see if the document is valid to be sent via post.

Figure 2. Check your documents whether they could be sent via post or not.

In case your document is not valid for post you can open it to see more information why it could not be processed.

Figure 3. In case you open the document you find more information why it was not sent via post.

To get a better understanding about the problem you should open it in the validate mode. To do this click on Solve Problems > Validate. This will open a validator that shows you the problem with your document. In most cases you do have text in ranges where you are not allowed to. To correct this you have to adapt your document templates in the resource editor and try again.

Figure 4. Validate your documents with the pingen classic validator.